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Work from home has become the new normal. As we put on our pajamas and get ready to work from the comfort of our lovely homes, life couldn’t get more comfortable. But this isn’t necessarily true for everyone. No matter what the work, everyone needs a space that helps keep them focused.

Your workspace whether an office or from home must help you get your creative juices flowing. Your space is sacred and must add to your productivity. Here are some tips to help revamp your home office décor to help you with the same!

6 tips to help revamp your home office

  1. Include plants

Get yourself some little green buddies to accompany you as you work. Your workspace needs to invoke a feeling of comfort and freshness. Plants can help keep you feeling calm, relaxed, and fresh. Placing air purifying plants like Peace lily, Devil’s Ivy, Areca Palm, and more. Apart from the obvious benefits, plants also add to an aesthetic look for the overall space. 

2. Get Artsy

Get creative when it comes to decorating your space. Add a bit of art into your workspace to tap into that creative headspace. Hang artworks, or keep artsy vases around your desk. This doesn’t just elevate the look of your home office but also makes you feel vibrant and energizes your space. Choose an art piece that resonates the best with you and your work. Want to find some cool art décor for your workspace.

Head to KDot and find yourself with beautiful, creative, and affordable art items today! 

3. Organize

The key to staying relaxed while working from home is organization. Organizing your workspace is the key to enhancing productivity and preventing burnout. Here are some of the ways you can keep your workspace tidy and organized:

  • Keep a planner 
  • Hang vision boards
  • Arrange your drawers
  • Don’t crowd your desk
  • Organize your supplies
  • Clear our clutter 

4. Keep it simple

While creating a space for your work, it is better to keep it subtle and simple. Too many bright colors, art pieces, and papers lying around can bring chaos into the space. Instead, go for neutral tones, keep lesser things on your desk, and arrange your surroundings to look spacious. This can help you stay productive and keep a clear headspace. 

5. Let the light shine

Natural lights help enhance the look of any space. It makes it look spacious and aesthetic. Place your work desk closer to natural light. Crack a window open, and welcome the breeze. Not only does this make you feel better, but it can also help the place look much brighter, optimized, and is also healthy for your plants. As you are exposed to natural light, you are more likely to feel energized and lively throughout the day. 


6. Invest in scented candles

There is nothing better than a beautifully scented candle burning in peace in your space. Scented candles help elevate mood, keep you fresh and relaxed. Invest in your favorite aromatic candles. Apart from the scintillating fragrances, it also helps your overall workspace look amazing. Buy yourself some of the best candles from KDot.


We hope you liked these tips. Share some of your best tips on how to create a beautiful office space for homes. We would love to know!

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