Benefits of Art Therapy

Art, whether created, observed, or appreciated, brings a sense of relaxation to us. But there are more benefits of art than relaxation or enjoyment. Art can be used as a form of therapy to help people heal several issues like PTSD, depression, traumas, etc.

But what is art therapy?

Art therapy is the method of using art as a medium for healing and therapeutic purposes. This can be in the form of sketching, coloring, journaling, pottery, etc. No matter what form, art can be used to express yourself and heal for the better.

You don’t necessarily need a therapist to help guide you through this. However, licensed therapists can bring some more advantages to help you better understand your needs.

In this blog, we take a look at the top 5 of the many benefits Art therapy can bring.

  1.       Helps alleviate symptoms of depression / Reduces depression

As mentioned above, art therapy can help reduce symptoms of depression by providing a positive distraction to one’s mind. This helps create a positive outlook on one’s life too. Studies have shown that art therapy can help fight the chemical imbalances in the brain that causes depression.

  1.       Improves communication 

Art is a form of self-expression. Art therapy can help one break down their complex emotions and express them via different forms of art. This can be therapeutic and soothing as one finally begins to understand their true emotions, thoughts, and perspectives and express in a way they find suitable.

  1.       Reduces stress

Art therapy as mentioned above can be a positive distraction. One can look forward to creating art every day. This helps keep them engaged and reduces stress-inducing thoughts and emotions. Art therapy can also help elevate moods thereby reducing stress and other mental health issues.

  1.       Promotes self-awareness      

Art can be a great way to self-discovery. It is a form of expression of one’s thoughts, emotions, and perspectives about the world and oneself. Creating art can help one understand themselves better. Apart from art therapy also helps develop better self-esteem and habits.

  1.       Helps treat severe mental health disorders/ Treats Mental Disorders

Therapies can come in various forms. Art therapy can help people with severe mental health issues like schizophrenia, PTSD, dementia, etc to receive therapeutic benefits to help them

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