Everything you need to know about minimalism

A trend everyone hears about- Minimalism. But what does this concept actually mean?


Simple, elegant, and intentional. These are just some of the words we can use to describe minimalism. In simple words, it is the concept of owning fewer possessions. These are generally the things you need and serve a purpose in your life. 


In this blog, we tell 5 things you need to know to understand what minimalism truly means. Keep reading!

  1. It is all about being intentional

Like mentioned, minimalism is all about being intentional with what you possess. It is marked by simplicity, clarity, and intent. This means you remove the rest of distracting and unnecessary things that add to clutter. 

This can look different for everyone. Holding on to things or possessions that truly aligns with your values and purposes is what makes minimalism unique. This helps in better clarity and overall improvement in one’s quality of living. 

2. It is a state of mind

A clean house leads to a clearer mind. Getting rid of unwanted materials helps one focus and achieve a better state of mind. Minimalism is a concept that forces this on us. To help us keep a clear head, a better vision in life, one must get rid of anything that distracts us both externally and internally. 

The more space, the less clutter you own- the better is your state of mind. Especially, in these modern times, people are focused on possessing everything that is hyped. It sets you free from consumerism and keeps you in alignment with your needs. 

3. Simple and achievable

Minimalism is easier than you think. The lifestyle that comes along with being a minimalist is rather peaceful and simpler. By owning the things you actually need, you get better space. This way, it involves lesser cleaning and more time to focus on yourself. The first step to getting started is to really understand your values. 

By owning fewer things, you can really make time and space, you can truly shift your concentration on addressing what makes you happy and content in life. Isn’t that wonderful?

4. Counter-cultural

The fast-paced world has learned to bombard its consumers with information in every waking second. The cut-throat competition amongst brands has resulted in persuading people to buy the next coolest thing in the market. This only leads consumers to hoard things they don’t actually need.

Minimalism tries to combat this culture. The simplicity that comes with this concept helps slow down and introspect what they allow in their life. This is not just limited to material possessions but also about jobs, people and relationships. A simple life allows us to consume less but relish what already exists more!

5. Doesn’t have to be extreme

Minimalism doesn’t mean you completely empty your house. Simple living doesn’t have to be boring. This is just a way to understand the things that bring you happiness and letting go of the rest. This allows space for better things to enter your life. This welcomes a better sense of control of both your life and your environment. 

Some people do go extreme with it but that doesn’t mean you have to. You just must find a balance between the absolute essentials and splurges. 


On the end note: Minimalism is a tool to help you make your life simpler and easier to manage. It looks different for everyone. So go ahead and find your rhythm!

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