Kdot Art Gallery

 “Every artist dips his paintbrush into his soul and paints his own nature into his pictures”- Henry Ward Beecher. 

It is the art that helps thrive the human race. It is the art that we live for. While art may not be basic and vital to the survival of humans but when life gets hectic and we feel we are at a dead end we seek comfort in the arms of artwork. 

Our journey started just a year back (February 2020) in a tiny gallery in Pune, which indeed is very close to the heart of all our team members. However, things for us did not go as planned. Unfortunately in the face of a raging pandemic, we were forced to close down the gallery but on the other hand, we have been persistent and are still working hard to increase our online presence thus making it as engaging as possible for all. We believe this will work wonders for the gallery and will help it grow. Nevertheless, as a result of the tireless efforts on the part of our gallerist, we were able to host our very first exhibition on the 21st of February 2021. 

We at KDot, believe in promoting creative innovations which includes a myriad variation of artworks, paintings, artifacts by several quality artists both local and international and have tried making them as affordable as possible.

Our Gallerists

Risha Mridha

Risha has always had a very unconventional approach to her life. She has had a formal education till 12 years of age after which she was homeschooled. She has studied fine arts and business for her senior secondary.She has worked with various art curators spanning across the UK, Uganda, and India.She is currently specializing in watercolor at 3/5th level. With her knowledge in fine arts and her adept experience and proficiency in the field, at a very young age, she has become an advisor for Jumbish Creations Pvt Limited, an art technology company

Sonali Khairnar

She is an experienced business manager with 10 years working history in the retail industry and is skilled in business development and man management.

Our co-partner Jumbish Creations Private Limited

Jumbish Creations Private limited is an Art Tech Company. It works as linkage between the artists and the collectors as artists usually find it difficult to find the right audience or buyers. Its mission is to enable artists to build a successful art career by providing them with earning opportunities. Jumbish Creations Private limited uses the latest technology like IoT, Block chain and AI to overcome various challenges in the art market. The company bring a solution to the challenges like piracy, no royalty and long gestation period faced by an artist through its flagship project – JDAT. This provides better and paperless provenance for its art collector.